Cycle insurance provider gives undertaking to the FCA on the fairness of a term

On 26 June 2019, the UK Financial Conduct Authority published an undertaking given by ETA Services Limited about the fairness of a term in its cycle insurance policy. The undertaking was given under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

The FCA’s concern was over the transparency of a term allowing ETA Services Limited to reject a claim if a bicycle had not been secured using an approved lock. This term appeared to conflict with another term saying a claim would be rejected if the bicycle had been left in a communal building and not secured to an immovable object (so no mention of an approved lock).

ETA Services Limited told the FCA that since 1 April 2019, the terms had been revised so that, to be covered, a bicycle needed to be secured using an approved lock when left in communal buildings. ETA Services Limited, and the insurer, also assured the FCA that redress had been paid to consumers who had claims rejected because they did not use an approved lock in communal areas.

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